Strong defender of civil rights

Hi Dave. I’ll take you up on your election candidate question. As a disclaimer, though I might fit the conservative stereotype (straight, married young, lots of kids, stay at home mom for many years, etc), I’m very liberal politically. [My Husband] and I both have long been for equal marriage rights, universal health care, equal civil rights, responsible gun control, etc. I voted for Sanders in the Colorado caucus, as did my two oldest kids. I would love to see a true progressive win the presidency. So I’m not generally impressed with conservatives.

In this election, I’ll definitely be voting for HRC. Though many of her positions are too far right for me, and I’m disappointed that she sponsored an amendment years ago that would have banned burning the American Flag (First amendment rights!), she is definitely the sanest choice this year. In addition, I feel that her experience as Secretary of State and in the Senate made her an incredibly qualified candidate. She knows many world leaders, and should be an effective negotiator of treaties and a good face for the U.S. abroad. Also, when her husband was president, she was much more of a partner than she was arm-candy. Therefore, she has a unique view of what being president is like, and I feel that will also help her adjust to the job more quickly than most.

I feel she will be a strong defender of civil rights for all (including LGBTQ – and since I have a gay child, this is especially important to me), and will do what she can to bring reasonable gun restrictions along (though congress has shown in the past that they’ll fight every inch of the way). She should be a good environmental protector, and is for alternative energy development. But in the end, it’s her foreign policy chops that I believe are her strongest assets.

(*Disclaimer for this project: These are not my opinion, these are opinions of real people who gave them to me as is*)

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