The Next Ronald Reagan

I like Trump. I think he’s going to be the next Ronald Reagan. I don’t think a moratorium on immigration is a bad thing; Democrat Presidents in the past (i.e. Jimmy Carter) have done as much in similar situations. I’m convinced he’s the best choice to protect our constitutional rights, and our country as a whole.
After giving it some more thought, I’d like to add that I think it’s important to world peace for the US to maintain a positive relationship with Israel, and I think Trump is the best candidate for that task as well.
I think Trump will proactively defend our religious freedoms, as well as our right to free speech, and our 2nd Amendment rights. I also feel he will be the right candidate to bring about marijuana reform.

(*Disclaimer for this project: These are not my opinion, these are opinions of real people who gave them to me as is*)

ALSO – If you leave comments, ONLY tell me what you like about your candidate. Comments that only say what you DON’T like will be ignored. We get enough of that elsewhere.

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