Hillary is a Survivor

I’ve been following Bernie Sanders since 2003 and I supported his run for president. A lot of the people who were new to Bernie were driving me nuts. Bernie Sanders has always worked within the system. He did it as an independent and won over the votes of conservatives in his state by being the most rational candidate with the most integrity. In congress he constantly won people to his side by working to create coalitions on both sides of the aisle and also by asking for the moon and compromising.

In running for president, he did so as a democrat because he knew he wouldn’t be able to win as an independent. Once again, working within the system to make change.

They also don’t realize he has always said good things about Hillary Clinton. In the primary it’s important to highlight the difference between candidates and it got a bit nasty. That’s, unfortunately, how our system works. Since then he has made it very clear he supports Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.

Now more specifically about Hillary– I trust her. I can hear people having apoplectic fits as they read this. Here’s the thing though – in my lifetime, NO ONE has been attacked and investigated more than the Clintons together and Hillary specifically. Has some dirt been found? Sure. Have there been lapses in judgment? Sure.

But for all the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars spent on breaking her down, she’s still standing and nothing has stuck. If she’s really so crooked as people claim, they should be able to prove it. So far, nothing significant has been proven.

If a group spent that much time and money one ANYONE, including you, the person reading these words, something would turn up. But so far, in HRC’s case, it all amounts to hyperbole and slander with the tiniest amount of truth.

Further, she’s an experienced diplomat and a respected name on the world stage. I have interactions with people all over the world and when they express interest in US politics they always say they hope Hillary wins.

I believe she will take Bernie’s revolution to heart and will adjust her stances accordingly.

When you really research Hillary with a rational eye, you find she has an excellent record for fighting for gender, LGBQ, race and class equality.

And Lastly, she’s tough. She is a full-on ass-kicker. Anybody who can last through all of the vicious attacks she has must be strong as hell. I like that.

To sum up- Sure, I would prefer Bernie, but I happy to have Hillary as president.

(*Disclaimer for this project: These are not my opinion, these are opinions of real people who gave them to me as is*)

ALSO – If you leave comments, ONLY tell me what you like about your candidate. Comments that only say what you DON’T like will be ignored. We get enough of that elsewhere.

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