Does the Lorax Really Speak for the Trees?

Really? I mean, why should we take his word for it?
What if the Lorax (if that really is his name), is just a “tree-hag” or a tree fan-boy of sorts?
In my head I imagine this exchange among the trees…

Tree1 – “Oh no. The Lorax is coming…”

Tree2 – “Seriously? Dude, I totally wish I had legs to get away from him.”

Tree1 – “No no… check it out, if I had legs, I stomp his weaselly ass.”

Tree2 – “Yeah dude, that would shut him up!”

Tree1 – “Here it comes, he’s going to stand there and pontificate about how wonderful he is for speaking for us. Blah, blah, blah.”

Tree2 – “Hey Buddy! Don’t do us any favors, right? Maybe you should go speak for rocks, they need somebody too! By the way, Wilford Brimley wants his mustache back!”

Tree1 – “I wish he could have heard that. Except the Wilford part, that was lame.”

Tree2 – “Whatever… hey, why are YOU Tree1? I was here first.”

The Lorax. "I also speak for Sam, the dog next door!"The Lorax. “I also speak for Sam, the dog next door!”Wilford Brimley. "Oatmeal, it's the right thing to do."Wilford Brimley. “Oatmeal, it’s the right thing to do.”

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