Anti-TPP and NAFTA

I’m supporting Trump. He says he’ll stop the trans-atlantic partnership and reverse the north american free trade agreement, and I really want those things to happen. I do think that other coutries are buying our politicians and I think Trump has the sort of ego that will make him less susceptible to foreign bribes and interests. I think other countries may take offense or retaliate but I think that’s fine–bullies react to principled stances with threats and violence all the time, and I think ending these agreements (and agreements like them) is a good thing. It may not benefit corporations much, but I think it will benefit Americans and could bring some prosperity back to uneducated people.
Many of the foreign governments we have these agreements with use what is essentially slave labor to drive costs down, and the effect it’s having is to drive down american wages as well. Basically slave labor is creeping back into america through these agreements. That’s my feeling. I also think that things on the border have gotten quite bad. Unconscionably bad. The american public does not seem to have the courage to end the war on drugs, so we have to do something that will alleviate the border problem, even if just for the cartel stuff. There is so much cartel stuff at the border–innocent people are killed for their homes, just to house drugs for smuggling operations. People are forced to work for the cartels with their families kidnapped, and the wives and daughters are used as sex slaves. Anyone who talks gets a columbian neck tie. There are so many dead bodies, gangsters just throw them in dumpsters. Also, immigrants who are deported for crimes in America have no problem coming back & they’re more than willing to do so. And even well meaning illegal immigrants are affecting the economy. Corporations want them & the results are the same–slave wages creeping into the American economy. People talk a lot about free trade being good, but I don’t think it’s free when the people in the other countries are not free. Western values of freedom need to be spread to a country before we can trade freely with them, I think.
I also don’t think banning muslims temporarily is a bad idea. People act like muslims are a disenfranchised minority, but they outnumber atheists and christians in the world by at least a factor of two, and islam does not believe in a seperation of church and state. Also, muslim is simply not a race. It’s an ideology. And people make so much fun of Christians–it’s such a hypocrisy that they don’t make fun of muslims too.
Finally, a Trump presidency would send a powerful message to feminists who are actively lobbying against movements that seek to draw awareness to structural and sociatal injustices against men. For instance, men are 45% of domestic violence victims, and 70% of domestic violence victims where there is one-sided abuse (i.e. the partner abuses and the victim doesn’t figtht back at all). Male suicide rates are higher, men pay 90% of alimony, are more likely to be abandoned or divorced by a spouse, only 10% or so of men get custody of their children, etc. Also, the racial divide for incarceration is purported to be evidence of severe racism in the country, yet the gender divide for incarceration is 7 times higher. But men who bring this up are painted as misogynist by the media, similar to how Trump is called a misogynist by the media. Such words are beginning to fall on deaf ears.
As for racism, there’s a quote that I find particularly resonating, “welfare did in 40 years what slavery couldn’t, it destroyed the black family.”
so perhaps progressive policies are well-meaning, but they’ve destroyed everyone they try to help–including myself

(*Disclaimer for this project: These are not my opinion, these are opinions of real people who gave them to me as is*)

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