Dave Goff is…

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Dave Goff was ADD before it was popular to label it.

Dave Goff played Dungeons & Dragons during the “Satanic Panic” and kept playing anyway, still isn’t satanic.

Dave Goff is an introvert, and likes people anyway.

Dave Goff wants you to know being an introvert isn’t the same as being shy.

Dave Goff is a writer, likes webcomics and still plays Dungeons & Dragons.

You can find some of his D&D products on DMSGuild here. Each item includes a short story illustrating the concepts in the homebrew rule presented.

You can find his old websomic, Alienses, here. Warning, it’s full of typos.

You can find other writings on this website.

Dave Goff balances and stacks rocks for meditation and fun.

Dave Goff is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and probably posts the same stupid shit everyone else does, but he likes to think it’s at least a little bit more interesting.

Dave Goff had a dream where he gave advice to a teen with ADD. He woke up and wrote up the advice here.

Dave Goff works at a good company doing website support for knowledgeLeader, a repository for knowledge leadership and templates for audit and risk management.

Dave Goff spent about 15 years working in the music industry and ran two record labels.

//no link on this, but you should check out Numina, Elan, Dark Orchid (or Orbiting Blue), Caustic Soul, eRotic (or InOps Productions and Sound Minion) and other great Denver music.

Dave Goff worked in natural pet product industry consulting people on how to heal pets naturally. He does not feel comfortable with dispensing advice in this area. Find a good open minded vet and work with them.

Dave Goff once moderated the facebook page for the jersey shore online game. He still shudders when he thinks about it.

Dave Goff might also occasionally write about how to give and get good customer service.

Dave Goff is a geek and loves comic books, science fiction and superhero movies, and is old enough to remember when “Superfriends” was something you woke up early on saturday morning to catch and you had to LOVE IT because there wasn’t anything better.

More than anything, Dave Goff loves Kate Goff, and he thanks all his lucky stars to even know her.

Dave Goff thinks you’re pretty ok. If you think you might not be, send him an email.

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